With models for desalination of seawater and brackish water, and models for treatment of fresh water, the Nirobox line of products will provide a suitable solution to your needs.


  • Aspiral™ Smart Packaged Wastewater Solutions

Starting at 20m3/d, these “compact powerhouses” are ideal for serving small towns, villages, residential communities, resorts, and more. Aspiral’s efficiency makes it is the most suitable for decentralized domestic wastewater treatment – due to its remarkably low energy consumption.

  • SUBRE Wastewater Treatment for Upgrades & Retro-fit

When a conventional activated sludge wastewater treatment facility has reached the end of its lifecycle, the best way to improve or revive existing infrastructure is with the Fluence SUBRE solution, also dubbed Membrane Aerated Biofilm Reactor “(MABR) towers”, designed to upgrade to capacities of 2,000-100,000 m³/d.

Energy & Efficiency

The African continent and the world at large are heading toward a blooming of the Green Technology sector, with alternatives such as solar, wind or water technologies becoming increasingly viable solutions in sustaining the strained power sector.


Based on our experience in working with pioneering utilities players and IoT energy and water technology providers, we have accumulated a great amount of know-how in the roll out of scalable, stable and secure connected infrastructure solutions that meet the highest of standards.

With the rise of big data and the 4IIR heading toward its developmental maturity, on a infrastructure and security level, helps with building the optimal milieu for the implementation of new Eco-Smart solutions on the African continent.

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