What do you know about the NIROBOX™ family of solutions? Yes, it sounds all confusing at first, but let us take you on a quick overview on why this family of water treatment solutions is the future of water infrastructure in Southern Africa.

NIROBOX family of solutions is the most flexible and intelligent range of water treatment solutions on the Southern African market, and we dare to claim, the African continent. Packaged in a compact containerized, the NIROBOX produces clean drinking water to rural and urban communities.

Housed in a 40ft Container

We first have to clarify what decentralised or packaged water treatment exactly is. Containerised treatment plants are sea containers that have water treatment equipment preinstalled. The benefit of a containerised water treatment plant is that it is an effective method of transporting a complete water treatment system to any location. Additionally, containerised solutions are a form of mobile wastewater treatment, so the plant can be reused and transported to a new location when necessary.

NIROBOX™: Defined by connectivity, dependability and durability

A plug-and-play solution packaged in a container with all internal works preassembled prior to delivery – our containerised systems allow water treatment to be accessible, convenient, shorter lead times, and with overall reduced site construction costs. The customisable aesthetics, makes these container solutions perfect for all types of environments, weather conditions and terrains.

Available Configurations:

  • Decentralised Freshwater Treatment
  • Decentralised Seawater Desalination
  • Decentralised Brackish Water Desalination


  • Small communities
  • School campuses
  • Commercial developments
  • Hotels and resorts
  • Golf courses
  • Industrial plants
  • Mining, or oil and gas camps
  • Construction sites
  • And much more.

What makes this box so special, you ask?

  • Disc filters pretreatment
  • Ultrafiltration (UF) pretreatment
  • BWRO – rated 300 psi. and SWRO – rated 1200 psi. respectively
  • High efficiency energy-recovery device
  • Positive displacement high-pressure pump
  • Variable frequency devices (VFD)
  • PLC based Human Machine Interface with remote monitoring
  • Mobile App
  • IP-54 MCC
  • Clean-in-place (CIP) system
  • Coagulation and chlorination dosing systems (NIROBOX FW)

You can optionally add pre-treatments like dissolved air flotation, multimedia filtration, activated carbon filtration, clarification, and post-treatments include remineralisation, pH adjustment, and ultraviolet or chlorine disinfection.

Our team is ready to give you a comprehensive overview on the above solutions and can supply you with your next system in no time. Contact is today!