The Environmental, Social, and Corporate Governance will be the prime focus for Africa centered developers and sponsors in the renewable energy and water sectors. ESG will change the way water and energy investment is implemented and will continue to take up major real estate in the public eye and it is important to show knowledge of what is expected in the responsible investing market so as to ensure speedy project development as well as enhance bankability.

Why incorporate “ESG investing”?

Responsible investing (ESG investing) is a strategy for investment or by way of active business ownership, that focuses on including material environmental, social and governance (“ESG”) principles into decision-making and project development apace with equity analysis and construction portfolio risk reduction for increased returns on investment.

Though not new, ESG investment has increased in recent years, in light of corporates, private investors, regulators and shareholders riding along with the sustainability wave. Concentrating on good governance, coupled with its apparent positive impact on financial returns and increased public consciousness, makes all the sense for Southern African economies.

All MEB solutions ascribe to the mentioned principles, making our systems the most advanced and environmentally superb treatment technology in their class. And because of the flexibility of our Solutions, you can easily adapt to the changing tides of the economy.