Tourism is a promising economic sector for Southern African countries and a key to the equitable distribution of wealth. But, a great consumer of water and it has a menacing impact on the environment. The industry is directly affected by climate change and aging infrastructure

Tourism provides over 10% of the world GDP and generates around 115 million jobs. It is a growing industry on a global scale, with 1.133 billion international arrivals and an estimation of a further 1.8 billion arrivals by 2030.

Africa faces no unique problem, but the solutions that fit a matured market like Africa, however, will be one of a kind. While an average citizen consumes approximately 127 liters per day, the consumption of a tourist ranges between 450 and 800 liters daily, depending on the season and geography.

There are a number of pre-engineered water and wastewater solutions to cater for all hotel and restaurants high expenditure areas such as kitchen, laundry, toilets, swimming pools, cooling and irrigation systems, including activities such as golf, saunas, theme parks and municipal spending in hygiene services.

We will identify the right treatment technology for your individual requirements. It’s not about shifting the focus but empowering the vision that you can reshape the route to your independence and secured future without unmanageable utility increases.