The global urban population will more than double its demand for utility services and real estate by 2050. And shockingly, unsustainable building practices in the construction industry, where urban residents live, play, and work account for almost 40% of energy-related greenhouse gas emissions.

Despite the uncertainties surrounding the Covid-19 pandemic and climate change, the residential property market has proven to be one of South Africa’s more resilient sectors. Changing rules and regulations, despite taxing trading conditions, make an even stronger case for utility independence. The power of sustainability within the real estate industry in the African context, will be one to change even the international economic landscape, that relies on the continents resources.

Depending on the technology and geographic location, investors have recorded those green buildings on average, display a rise in asset value over conventional buildings. In addition, green buildings are more energy efficient, while also revealing to consume approximately 11% less water. As a result, the OPEX of green buildings may decrease by 37%, and assets holding a green building certificate can be worth up to 43% more.

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