Corporations, governments and investors have quickly realised the benefits of using seawater as supplementary water source, to ensure some independence from water restrictions and drought. Billions are poured into desalination technology, which has time and again proven to be, when implemented correctly, a must-have for coastal economies. Seawater desalination allows us to harness new technology to meet Africa’s ever persistent water crisis.

Industry leaders around the world agree that the long-term benefits for desal as a key strategy in Africa’s water security mix, have been boosted by the hybridisation with renewable energy solutions, furthermore empowering a just water and energy transition.

Containerized seawater desalination solutions ensure water availability in a wide range of applications. The modular, high-output, membrane-based and efficient seawater desalination solution that offers pretreatment, reverse osmosis, and post-treatment – all housed in a single, self-contained 40-foot shipping container.

Offering industry-leading capacity, a single container can produce up to 1,500 m3/d of permeate water, making it the most compact plant-in-a-box.

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