By 2025, South Africa is expected to experience water scarcity and by 2030, major water famine. The promise of smart cities creates an area of relief by leveraging IoT technologies through digitisation of critical infrastructure. Using proven digitalisation technology to manage SA’s water crisis, involves many moving parts ranging from sensors through edge devices to cloud platforms.

We have the ability to help water and wastewater utilities address many of the acute problems communities face – including prolonging the life span of aging infrastructure, pipe leaks, vandalism or other abnormalities in the distribution network, as well as remediating water quality, service levels and upgrading supply, by fostering water conservation and increasing revenue growth through operational efficiencies.

The digitalisation of water is no longer optional, and the bureaucratic readiness of a nation will have a major impact on water supply competence. The same forces that have the power to industrialise new technologies into the ecosystem are now moving toward the digitisation of the water business for the economic benefits of communities.

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