The government of South Africa has signed some ‘Landmark’ power purchase agreements, instituted by minister of mineral resources and energy, Gwede Mantashe. Oxford University researchers have revealed many years ago that since the 1980s, solar panel costs will reduce by 10% annually, and that this trend is likely to continue.

PV Solar Panels are not high in capital costs, contrary to popular belief. We can confidently say that, a prudent investment in a more efficient renewable energy source, which can catapult you into a greener future in no time. Additionally, conventional machinery or equipment, needs frequent maintenance and repairs, but a PV system is almost maintenance free – if engineered, procured and installed properly.

Hearing terms like solar configuration, return on investment, feed in tariff, panel efficiency and many other considerations to take into account before having a system designed, can be very confusing for businesses looking into building energy resilience for their organization.

Understanding how solar PV energy works, and what different types of systems can be designed, relates to the property or land available. There are many different types of solar panels, but the most commercially viable are, crystalline solar panels that have the highest efficiency out of all modules. Monocrystalline panels are the most efficient of all crystalline panels with polycrystalline panels follow closely in efficiency, and thin film solar panels being the best for unorthodox roof styles with high resilience.

MEB Energy can provide you with a sound turnkey solution including a comprehensive overview of the various products and designs available.