Scientists predict that water demand for food production could triple by 2050, putting immense pressure on the world’s freshwater resources. Botswana’s beef is known to be among the best in the world, with water scarce South Africa topping as the largest producer on the continent. With that said,

South Africans aren’t likely to shift their love for a good braai with red meat anytime soon.

The taps need to keep running, this saves valuable jobs, the health and dignity of developing nations. The meat industry has for many years been a way for rural communities to sustain their livelihoods.

However, ninety-eight percent goes to watering the grass, forage and feed that cattle consume over their lifetime. Finding the best system requires a great amount of understanding of the industry and that’s why choosing a service provider with experience and prime technology, is important.

There are various treatment solutions available for this very hard to treat effluent. We only provide meticulously designed, low OPEX systems that comply with the strictest international regulations.

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