At a municipal level, modular packaged water treatment plants are suitable for meeting the various water treatment needs of growing communities, whether in metropolitan or rural areas. Packaged water treatment plants must conform to all the existing and changing regulations of the future and are designed to be adaptable and flexible.

Our packaged plants ensure that water is optimally treated and free of water-borne microbes, diseases, or contamination. The advantages of packaged plants are numerous, these solutions are preassembled and arrive on site virtually ready to operate and built to reduce the day-to-day attention required to operate and maintain the plant. To meet the increased demand of treated water many organizations are moving to packaged water treatment plants as an ideal and quick solution for upgrades or new systems. Packaged plants are modular, user friendly and low risk proven technology with advanced efficiency.

Advantages and benefits of decentralized treatment plants:

· Pre-engineered and prefabricated

· Units are housed in easily to transport shipping containers

· Quick turnaround time on delivery and installation

· Treatment solutions are simple to operate and requires low operator attention

· User friendly

· Compliant with the strictest international and local regulations

· Custom design

MEB water solutions are all about efficiency, easy to service and maintain for low CAPEX and OPEX systems, with remote monitoring and control for consistent and scalable results. We have an innovative portfolio of water treatment solutions available for a wide variety of water sources and applications – speak to our trained staff for more on our innovative packaged plants.