Digital transformation will become critical to many organisations in Southern Africa. Introducing specialised technological enhancements into an organisation or community represents a different set of challenges, especially when dealing with aging and failing infrastructure.

In the technology space, a “total solution” is one that encompasses a broad range of advanced technology and services in one packaged concept, that is designed to meet specific parameters and provides one comprehensive solution or system to resolve several obstacles.

Despite the heightened urgency to adopt new water and energy technologies, most of developing Sub-Saharan Africans feel that the pace of technological change is not rapid enough to cater for the changing landscape of urban communities in the region.

MEB has specialises in the mitigation of the growing pains that come with the implementation of advanced technology solutions, to more efficiently generate favourable results – whether in the water, energy or monitoring sector. It is important to investigate technologies that solve problems relating to the efficient use and planning of new infrastructure development.

We have a team of enthusiastic professionals with more than a decade of experience in new technology innovation, design and implementation to champion the next step in your sustainability journey.