The transportation sector is a massive business in South Africa and will be driven by continuous growth and the rapidly increasing demand for imported goods from South Africa. In view of the kilometers driven, a truck is to be properly cleaned, as with the consistent use of fleet vehicles, trucks and machinery will eventually require the need for water and sanitation. The process of cleaning vehicles on a macroscale will, as a matter of course, require excessive amounts of water to complete and will involve several chemicals that are harmful to the environment. The challenge of removing debris, mud, and other dirt gives rise to modernism’s the water systems used in the logistics sector.

Several different types of automotive plant water treatment solutions are designed to minimize the wastage of water and promote the efficient reuse of water including instances where untreated wastewater runs off into the storm water systems and other waterways.

Truck Wash Wastewater must be vigorously treated due to a variety of effluent components in the stream that a municipal system cannot handle and ensuring the truck wash is not tied into a municipal drain.

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