With water technology, geographic factors like elevation and distances to residents can be more important than economies of scale.

Centralized systems need to be adaptable, which is almost impossible. For a centralized system, pumping contributes the most of energy consumption, meaning topography is a crucial factor in energy use. Water treatment with our decentralized modular solutions is more energy efficient and easy to control.

Modular package water treatment offers a reduction in cost and broader options to the end user. A modular package plant can be assembled in stages, based on demand. Conservative models in the design of urban water management systems and their corresponding infrastructure using centralized solutions, have undoubtedly failed in terms of cost effectiveness, lack of modularity and adaptability.

Our patented innovative decentralized water technology proves that efficient, yet effective water and wastewater treatment is an imperative part in the reduction of harmful GHG emissions. MEB partners are among the top players in the innovation of water technology, that will help reduce emissions of greenhouse gases – to combat the effects of climate change.

We implement the most successful green technologies for the most economical approach in achieving the necessary milestones.