The convoluted relationship between political stability and infrastructure sustainability is a prerequisite for the change we need to transition our economy to one that is environmentally sensitive. Over the past couple of decades, the South African government has changed positions on critical sustainability matters such as climate change, water scarcity and the protection of natural resources.  Poor service delivery has been a major issue for many municipalities, partly due to political patronage, aging infrastructure, backlogs and skills shortages.

Polarized politics on infrastructure development may be contributing to the demise of the South African leadership. In the context of supranational sustainability discourse, the concept of sustainability has long been interpreted as environmental policy integration, referring to the integration of environmental concerns into other sectoral policies – among others, cultural policy. [Frontiers]

When dealing with infrastructure, it’s pivotal to understand what makes it sustainable and efficient.  Infrastructure does not, directly handle tasks, but provides a lifeline for the applications you need to keep important mechanisms going.

Considerations in Infrastructure Management:

Infrastructure Is Mostly Invisible

We often forget that the word infrastructure is a conceptual term, which in its original, definition means– the structure underneath. It is best to implement a solution that has the ability to be monitored and easily managed digitally to reduce plant downtime.

Infrastructure is visible when its fails

Everyone will notice failing infrastructure at one point or another, and beneficiaries will want a solution before damage on more infrastructure, health and economic growth occurs. Our solutions are not only modular, but can be retrofitted and monitored remotely to circumvent any potential risks before they happen.

Complex Interfaces

Often, specialists who design the interfaces find it difficult to preconceive what the end-user is capable of. Our solutions are designed by specialists for the end-user on the maintenance scale, those being the staff dealing with the systems on the ground.   The intriguing relationships between politics, sustainability, and development have to be a part in the planning and implementation of essential infrastructure. Sustainability thinking is a concept that creates an intersection between policy and sustainability goals; that further develop and influence scarcity narratives on infrastructure and economic growth. We are experts in implementing strategies and clean development mechanisms for sustainable infrastructure solutions. Make contact with our staff to learn more about our world-class service and solutions portfolio