Hospitals and Clinics use water in many ways, such as for dialysis, laundry, surgeries, and other critical areas in the healthcare sector. Without water the health care system as we know it would collapse.

Various pathogens such as Norovirus, Cryptosporidium and Legionella contained in drinking water risks the health of frontline workers and patients, as they are more vulnerable to even minimal exposure to disease causing microorganisms. For this reason, MEB stocks world class reverse osmosis and wastewater treatment solutions, designed to provide high-quality potable water for the most essential of sectors. Our team will not only give you continuous support throughout the project lifecycle but will help you keep potable water in private and public healthcare facilities safe by showing you the most efficient way of implementing water supply and quality control technologies.

Ever wondered how Hospitals clean their water? After primary clarification, the following activated sludge process is used for removal of organic matter. The wastewater then flows to a secondary clarifier for settling and the wastewater is then passed through another filter for removal of toxic chemicals and heavy metals.

Speak to the MEB team on some of the value-added services that are designed to help you set up an action plan that specifies the requirements needed to reduce health hazards, such as the implementation of disinfection technologies placed at strategic locations, automated monitoring systems, and reduced operational expenditure, by using with low energy technology.