Airport infrastructure is vital to facilitate aviation operations and is a very important part of the South African economy. SA facilitates some of Africa’s busiest airports and it’s service providers employed about 472 000 people. The remarkable growth of the aviation sector in Africa has led to a drastic increase in water consumption. Airports also generate sizable amount of wastewater that may include hazardous contaminants and chemicals.

Airport operations in South Africa take a considerable toll on the environment, including water, electricity and fuel usage. Africa’s growing water and energy conservation programmers for waste management are pivotal in supporting an inclusive and just society.

That’s why understanding sustainable water management practices is essential in the aviation industry. Airport facilities consume large amounts of water, usually for non-potable purposes like water cooling systems, fire control, cleaning and washing of vehicles, runways and aircrafts including public uses. Recent studies results have shown that annual water consumption can range around 436 000 m3.

We’ll engineer the best system to minimize the impact on water resources by using specialized

products to solve water and energy related problems in the aviation industry. While we believe that every sector has a social and environmental impact to consider when evolving, we know that all things good, need immaculate planning and implementation to succeed.

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