Water supply and sanitation infrastructure around the world has been maintained, planned and designed for different time-scales. The provision of efficient water, wastewater, solid waste collection, treatment and reuse requires a holistic approach, involving a variety of stakeholders and overcoming bureaucratic hurdles, despite the over-regulation and rural-urban divide, that spotlights Africa’s economic disparities further more.

South Africa’s Water Services Act does not object the reuse of wastewater for non-drinking water purposes. The future of wastewater reuse, however is not limited to Non-potable applications and is one of the key tactical approaches to assist with the augmentation of existing water supply.

A decentralized future enables the most remote of communities to benefit from technological advancements by capitalizing on higher returns and reduced water supply interruptions.

We’ll find the right solution, that brings best options available in the market, without compromising on the quality of your chosen treatment technology.