Municipal water is our tap water that’s sent to various industries and communities through reticulation infrastructure that has been placed underground. This water is fully treated and disinfected before it’s sent to beneficiaries, which means that most of the impurities are removed before the water reaches your system. Municipal and industrial wastewaters can have a high toxicity and potential impacts on water services including water resource management and disaster risk reduction, such as flash flooding and infrastructure failure.

Wastewater treatment plant experts and governments have been called up to introduce more cost-effective, higher performance systems for challenging applications. The spirally wound flat-sheet membrane aerated biofilm reactor (MABR) is a solution that works on the optimal symbiosis of chemical and biological processes to reduce energy consumption and operating expenses (OPEX) in demanding applications.

While in developing nations, inadequately or not treated sewage waters are often discharged into natural ecosystems without previous treatment, most developed nations employ water treatment plants using physical, biological, and chemical methods to clean the wastewater. The efficiency of the treatment can be determined purely by using the right technology for the right application and using a project partner or service provider that knows the ins and outs of building robust water and wastewater treatment plants. Industrial wastewaters usually have a considerably higher toxicity and need a pretreatment before they are sent to a municipal wastewater treatment plant, so it imperative to know that these two treatment solutions differ in many areas.

Why choose the MABR solution for your domestic wastewater water treatment needs? As you may have thought, we`ve got the answers to your questions and will give you an unsolicited, yet extremely important glimpse into what makes the MABR so special. The Membrane aerated biofilm reactor (MABR) has shown remarkable results in treating domestic wastewater. This technology provides a revolutionary improvement in aerobic wastewater treatment. With high nutrient removal and energy efficiency, by far surpassing conservative wastewater treatment systems in overall performance and robustness.

The Benefits of the MABR Solutions:

  • High Effluent Quality
  • Simultaneous Nitrification and Denitrification
  • Low Maintenance and Operation Costs
  • Energy Efficiency
  • Low Odor and Noise
  • Flexibility and Scalability

We are a dedicated company that specializes in municipal water treatment solutions that are fit for purpose, proven and advanced. The MABR is a great solution to treat domestic wastewater for various industries and applications.