There are many advantages to using reverse osmosis systems and is currently the best method for water softening. The semipermeable membrane blocks harmful particles and pathogens. It gives us clean, pure and pathogen free water by blocking harmful contaminants.

And, by additionally incorporating a renewable energy source like Solar Photovoltaics to back-up your system, you eliminate the need to worry about the menacing factors experienced during power cuts, that inevitably affect our water supply systems at a macro scale.

MEB solutions are designed to take away the hassle of reinventing your facilities to meet new regulations, we do this by placing you at the forefront of technology innovation with the most efficient systems on the market. Decentralized smart systems enable a flexible and modular approach to aiding energy and water supply interruptions.

Our systems are very compact and require a small physical footprint, that can be increased at anytime without interrupting ongoing processes. We operate with experienced partners that have the know-how in cleantech design, made by industry leaders in realizing the most complex projects in Africa.

And there’s more! Speak to us today, let us know your project requirement or sustainability goals and we’ll find the perfect fit.