MEB brings you unparalleled visibility and control when it comes to monitoring your water and wastewater treatment solution.

Our untouchable value-add in application scheduling, gives you multiple alert solutions, with precise timing and operating parameters. Additionally, our patented technology provides real-time monitoring with advanced forewarning systems, making accurate risk mitigation a walk in the park.

Alarms proactively notify operators to system issues and anomalies with time-stamped details. Digitally administrating and monitoring your facilities’ water resources, allows for more accurate measurement of water consumption and the reduction thereof.

Adapting your system to incorporate advanced monitoring technology, boosts waste control, hydroponic and reverse osmosis processes. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

We have proven to have the most robust state-of-the-art cleantech solutions at close quarters. Ignite your vision without delay – chat to our experienced engineers!