Municipalities, communities and businesses are undergoing rapid digital transformation on all spheres. As the decentralisation of communities increase and the centralisation of data expands, organisations experience growing pains around adapting to the changing paradigm. Ensuring you have the most efficient infrastructure and processes in place, is no drop in the bucket and many provincial departments are lacking the necessary resources to manage this great act effectively and quickly.

In 2002, South Africa’s National Treasury commissioned an independent assessment to account for infrastructure underspending and continuous rollovers by provincial departments. The government’s Infrastructure Delivery Management System comprises of three core systems, namely a planning and budgeting system, a supply chain management system, and an asset management system.

The IDMS is a government management system for planning, budgeting, procurement, delivery, maintenance, operation, monitoring and evaluation of infrastructure.

Several root causes have been identified, amongst others:

• Poor planning;

• Lack of skills;

• Lack of uniformity in procedures;

• Poor reporting and monitoring;

As the population increases, a greater demand for domestic, industrial, agricultural, and municipal water becomes more urgent. Smart water management of potable and wastewater improves the health, food and water security of communities plagued by disease and water scarcity. Our revolutionary solutions help accelerate response plans by identifying vulnerable value chains, including infrastructure locations, and critical areas, by designing tailored interventions that improve access to clean water in urban, peri-urban, and rural areas of South Africa.

MEB believes in the power of process and over the last decade, our team has perfected processes in project design, monitoring and implementation – due to the increasing demand for clean and meticulously managed water. Our mission is to drive economic growth of the smart water sector for the benefit of utilities and communities.

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