MEB has over the years identified better opportunities and solutions to assist with closing the finance gap for water infrastructure. In order to improve the water infrastructure planning process, we base our designs and plans on the development objectives of our clients and provide continuous support to help analyse the best options available to develop these objectives into a workable financing model that is established with current challenges in mind.

A lot of planning goes into water infrastructure financing, but often projects are not implemented, thereby reducing economic activities that rely on massive amounts of water to sustain business and jobs. A business case for investing in water-related infrastructure would be more bankable if projects were realised. Water supply security affects many areas that need consistent clean water supply, such as water storage and conservation, energy efficiency, irrigation, and tourism.

The staggered implementation of large scale and decentralised water treatment solutions in rural and urban spatial planning spotlights the current supply gap. When it comes to financial modelling, it is certain that in the future consumers would naturally come on board, and we have the right formular to solve uncertainties pertaining to the growth and expansion of water infrastructure.

Municipalities and water service providers face massive challenges due to the non-payment for usage by consumers in Africa. We believe that incentivising suppliers to tackle bill payment challenges and enabling real time solutions to issues is the best way to help communities and service providers obtain adequate support. When consumers don’t pay their water bills – municipalities, bulk water suppliers and other water services providers cannot be financially sustainable.

Having a technology partner with a better understanding of the overall objectives and project scope, allows for a more methodological approach to water-related planning within the private and government sectors. It’s important to get involved and participate in the conceptual phase of the project and build on the infrastructure options analysis provided by our trained professionals.

Speak to us about your water infrastructure financing challenges and we can bring you closer to a short or long term solution moulded to your needs.