Municipalities in South Africa have experienced supply constraints for chemicals used to treat water to comply with the national SANS241 drinking water quality standards at all times. Here at MEB, we believe that the first contingency measure to have a major impact on cost reduction, is to improve operations to effectively reduce overheads

Effective water management yields immediate benefits, including decreased operational costs. We will design a plan setting out problem areas, priority improvements, targets and timescales to give you the most comprehensive experience available in the industry. Our team will highlight the potential benefits to processes concerned and from there, identify the optimal solution to help save your system on running costs and increase capacity where needed.

We have identified the most viable, cost-effective and proven technology to help you with the transition to a better way of treating your water or effluent. With the modular family of water and wastewater treatment solutions, respectively, you have the most optimized packaged solution with the least impact on the environment.

Our preassembled modular solutions are ideal for municipalities and rural communities, housing developments, construction sites, Resorts, hotels, and golf clubs, remote oil and gas factories, power plants, agriculture irrigation and Mining operations.