The concept of cradle-to-cradle business strategies is not a new framework within which businesses can operate.

The Cradle to Cradle (C2C) business approach of the circular economy, was created by the German chemist Michael Braungart and the American architect William McDonough. Based on the fundamental “nutrient remains nutrient” principle, the use of renewable energies has become one the prime enablers in the creation of a sustainable business case for the implementation of C2C values across the usage life cycles in industry and communities.

We at MEB, have been fostering community-led innovation with tailored services across the renewable energy, power distribution, IoT, and water sectors. Our unique strategies help optimise your energy and water usage, to reduce OPEX and external risk factors.

The future rests on innovative technologies taking up space and building a presence for those whom are ready to reinvent things, think differently and build climate sensitive  pathways to designing resilient cities and businesses. It’s about making things happen, when they really create maximum value, which is in no way related to the classic ‘sustainability models’ commonly used.

Sustainability not just pure debt management and risk mitigation

It’s time to move away from conservative thinking concepts, which are often defined in linear terms e.g. extraction of raw materials and then final disposal at the end of the life cycle. At each stage of this cycle, products have an impact on the environment, too rarely in beneficial ways and very often with fatal outcomes. Intelligence of things in times of Energy 4.0 is first in the line of the integrated energy innovations applied. Sustainability is massively accelerated by the marriage of artificial intelligence and the IoT solutions to generate real-time data and analytics, which boost African competitive development.

Integrated Knowledge on Demand

In infrastructure Knowledge as a Service provides data and context in the form of knowledge-based infrastructure management services. In todays business environment, the knowledge-as-a-service, as a base model, has enabled the growth of an ecosystem of innovators providing services at a range of facets.

Intelligent knowledge aggregation allows you to leverage data you need to work efficiently and make informed decisions without investing in more people and infrastructure. The water sector is constantly evolving, and this transformation needs knowledge access in real time. Water should be treated as a precious and essential resource, education and knowledge transfer on all levels of data platforms is an important component to enable the fostering of better knowledge-based decision making in municipalities, communities and businesses. Watersheds have to be protected, so that clean water can be made available to not only humans, but animals and all other organisms that are essential to sustaining the delicate ecological and biological balance of the planet we call home.

Knowledge on demand can help technical service provider organisations solve difficult challenges that can mitigated purely by sharing result-based data and modelling current operations according the individual needs of projects.

We prioritise human and environmental health by limiting chemicals and using materials that generate a positive impact on the quality of infrastructure available for future use, in the following sub-sectors:

  • Renewable Energy
  • Waste-to-Energy
  • Water Reuse
  • Holistic Decentralised Technology 
  • Project Management
  • Continuous loop aggregation

Renewable energy is a prime example of a power source effectively used in symbiosis, by both nature and technology. Through our longstanding cooperations with municipalities, industry, universities and property developers, we have built on the expertise and experiences in finding innovative ways to tackle shared challenges.

Enabling decentralised power generation and defusing mono-functional design thinking  remains one of the key business case drivers for us.

Let’s change the negative impact of pollution into a positive one. We can get you started right away!

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