Local governments are now, more than ever, motivated to protect their communities from water related economic difficulties, while entering into a very uncertain 2022 and beyond – what is certain, is the little consensus shared on water conservation, in light of the many environmental and power generation challenges faced.

What is inevitable is the modernisation of existing equipment, the future lies with the advancement of modern technology and the seamless integration of aging infrastructure. Packaged solutions have a unique position in that they are fully automated, with an unsurpassed value add on efficiency and decentralisation.

Pre-engineered, pre-fabricated solutions result in a cost reduction and ease of installation. MEB solutions boast unique and robust technology, that allows for quick turnaround times on delivery and installation

These treatment Systems are simple to operate and require low operator attention with a long service life.

Our portfolio of packaged plants will give you the ultimate solution, to comply with all regulatory frameworks and quality standards needed.