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Technology for Sustainable Development

MEB has specialises in the mitigation of the growing pains that come with the implementation of advanced technology solutions, to more efficiently generate favourable results – whether in the water, energy or monitoring sector. It is

The Future of Wastewater Reuse in Africa

Water stress and polluted water contribute to the death of many African populations daily. Every hour, an estimated 115 people die in Africa from diseases linked to improper

Water-Smart Energy Modelling

Energy generation processes require excessive amounts of water. The African continent needs to adequately plan water shortages into their energy

What Is Corporate Sustainability

Increasing water scarcity is one of South Africa’s greatest challenges. The local demand for water supply in South Africa has increased, making the effective governance of available water resources to achieve water security and equitable allocation of water resources more difficult.

What are DBPs and How Reduce Them

Studies have found that treatment plants with advanced removal technologies, form fewer types and lower levels of harmful
by products (known as DBPs) in the