Innovations need to be designed in the image of the communities and environments it serves. Science and technology in Africa have received relatively little attention in comparison to other regions of the world, despite notable African developments in mathematics, metallurgy, architecture, and other fields – it is difficult to track how African innovation has developed until recently.

Several efforts have begun to track its development since the late 2000s, particularly with the emergence of the Africa Rising narrative, which coincides with a post-colonial narrative, and increased spending by African countries on science and technology as the continent embrace’s technology as a driver of development.

Governments are taking time to adopt and evolve with constant innovation, improvement, and monitoring. A change in municipal water management from an operational point of view on water service delivery and wastewater treatment applies to a broader concept of sustainable water management.

Water resource management has emerged as one of the key strategies used to accelerate sustainability, considering the current, conservative coping mechanisms in times of climate instability and future projected climate change consequences. Governments can achieve optimal drinking water quality and reporting with the use of comprehensive municipal water resource management initiatives. The deployment of effective drought adaptation measures is thought to benefit from the improvement of public water and wastewater infrastructure. Local public sector competence to manage water resources properly is lacking.

A portfolio innovative technology:

MEB has over a decade of legislative and operational experience in water management, optimization, and wastewater improvement. To efficiently implement our water treatment solutions, we focus our efforts on building an understanding of the relationship between water, production value chains, and water footprint.

MEB, a business that specializes in focusing on its core competencies and contributes significantly to the preservation and protection of water resources with its robust solutions.

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