Water Treatment

Waste water treatment solutions

Our customers require state-of-the-art solutions for raw wastewater, tertiary and supplementary polishing of treated wastewater. MEB procures, designs and constructs contemporary wastewater treatment plants, with ultra-modern and cost-reducing hardware, enabling municipal, industrial and commercial entities to maximize on their natural water resources with treatment and reuse. 


The wastewater sector is undoubtedly one of the fastest growing industries.  Municipal and industrial wastewater treatment for reuse has become an integral part of water security. We aim to nationally improve water resource productivity and water resilience. By accelerating sustainable development of new support technologies, MEB helps to mitigate water-related risks.


Effluent water quality regulations have increasingly become more rigid, escalating demand for high-quality wastewater treatment solutions. Another development is the requirement for mechanisms that expand capacity while reducing energy cost of water handling.  

Whether it being treating high-BOD effluent from food processing plants to wastewater from the oil and gas industry to effortless sewage treatment – MEB has a solution for you. We pride ourselves in our decentralized wastewater solutions, which are modular, scalable, and quick to deploy.

We also assist with the upgrade of existing treatment works, by way of retrofitting, thereby increasing quality of effluent, increasing treatment capacity, reducing maintenance intervals, and extending the lifespan of your wastewater treatment plant, helping to keep essential infrastructure up and running.

Membrane aerated biofilm reactors (MABR)
Greenfield wastewater treatment plants based on MABR technology
Physio-chemical treatment
Aerobic biological treatment
Enhanced nitrogen removal
Enhanced biological phosphorous removal
Aeration and mixing solutions
Sludge treatment