To ensure water security in Africa, unconventional water sources such as desalination are becoming increasingly important. A recent report by the British International Investment suggests that seawater desalination, which involves purifying seawater by removing dissolved salts and other minerals, presents a viable investment opportunity for climate adaptation in specific African countries.

Desalination has the potential to enhance the resilience of water systems by producing water independently of changes in climatic and hydrological conditions. Although primarily used to treat seawater, desalination can also be applied to an array of other water sources such as brackish groundwater, surface water, and domestic or industrial wastewater. This versatility unleashes new opportunities for water sustainability to ensure water security in Africa.

The treated water can be made suitable for drinking or irrigation purposes, thereby addressing the critical issue of water scarcity in the region.

Reverse Osmosis is an effective water treatment solution that can be used both as a primary and auxiliary treatment option. To successfully implement this technology, it’s important to have product and technology development expertise, as well as a clear understanding of the market’s requirements and emerging trends.


The NIROBOX™ family of solutions disrupts traditional norms by offering cutting-edge treatment technologies in compact and cost-effective packages. With the industry’s smallest overall footprint, NIROBOX™ units are perfectly suited for industrial, municipal, and commercial applications. Thanks to the compact size, these solutions provide a practical and efficient water treatment option for a variety of markets.

Applications : 

  • Seawater
  • Brackish Water
  • Fresh Water
  • Modular Plants

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