Inefficiently treated effluent can have devastating effects on aquatic life and nearby flora and fauna. It can increase the temperature of receiving streams, ultimately disturbing the natural balance of the ecosystem.

Furthermore, improper waste disposal and incomplete pollutant biodegradation during wastewater treatment can lead to the release of practically raw sewage. This can cause various ecological problems and pose a risk to human health. It’s crucial to explore alternative wastewater treatment technologies that can efficiently protect both environmental and public health.

What is the MABR SUBRE?

The MABR process is a cutting-edge technology that allows for the enhancement of traditional activated sludge plants. It enables the removal of nutrients and increases the capacity of existing tank volumes, all while greatly reducing the energy needed for aeration.

In simple terms, this process utilizes a gas permeable membrane to supply oxygen to a biofilm that is attached to the membrane’s surface. This unique approach not only increases treatment capacity but also improves overall performance by maximizing the amount of biomass in a given reactor volume.

We can help modernize your sewage treatment plant by providing you with bespoke advice and advanced engineered solutions. Be sure to achieve your treatment goals with the state-of-the-art MABR SUBRE modules for upgrades to existing wastewater treatment plants which can be installed with little to no interruption to existing processes.

The patented SUBRE membrane aerated biofilm reactor (MABR) modules can easily be installed to handle the necessary effluent loads for your plant. With the MABR solution, you can expect a reduction in energy usage of up to 90%, while improving the quality of effluent to meet stringent discharge limits.


The MABR technology initially gained popularity in the treatment of domestic wastewater, but its significant benefits have led to its gradual expansion into the treatment of various types of industrial wastewater and surface water environments.

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