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Tackle your Municipal Water Challenges with MEB and maximize on local resources.


Continued water shortages and decreased water retention could lead to crippling economic effects on the African continent. MEB is committed to assisting municipalities with the reduction of disposal costs, compliance with regulatory laws, minimization of environmental footprint and preservation of plant assets, while maximizing on operational costs.
Our internationally acclaimed and carefully vetted modular water treatment solutions offer an affordable, reliable and fast option to solving municipal water and wastewater challenges in metropolitan and local municipalities.

We provide uniquely positioned decentralized treatment solutions that are plug-and-play, reliable, cost-effective, and can be deployed in record time. With our fully automated solutions, that are controlled by our innovative Smart Operation suite, you can now monitor in real-time, while optimizing on operational costs.

Our expertise and services in the design, construction, and operation of water and wastewater treatment plants have been the corner stone of MEB’s commercial development.

Contact our experts to talk about your distinct project requirements and learn how our municipal treatment solutions can help you meet your goals.