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Commercial Market

Key economic sectors that use large quantities of water must strive to reduce water consumption and pollution.

 Industry growth rates depend on many factors, in a world that is moving towards becoming knowledge-based, with a greater focus on technology services – industry leaders starting to rethink the narrative of outdated solutions dominating the water landscape. 
MEB designs and procures commercial water treatment systems for higher volume water users needing high quality water.  

We provide uniquely positioned decentralized treatment solutions that are plug-and-play, reliable, cost-effective, and can be deployed in record time. With our fully automated solutions, that are controlled by our innovative Smart Operation suite, you can now monitor in real-time, while optimizing on operational costs.

We offer a large selection of pre-engineered, turn-key water treatment solutions that meet the specific needs of stringent commercial water quality regulations.

Our extensive experience in engineering and project management allows us to leverage a vast knowledge of pre-engineered solutions to customize a water treatment system that best fits the specific needs of each sector.