There are several wastewater treatments plants that were built in the 70s or 80s that now require overhauling and upgrading due to poor structural conditions, larger populations and almost obsolete technologies. Often the required discharge parameters are no longer adhered to, and partially untreated or inefficiently treated wastewater is discharged into the environment, causing pollution of the environment and the deterioration of existing processes.

This means that further treatment stages and chemical requirements are necessary to handle the substandard water quality, thus creating higher maintenance costs. Some of the many advantages of MABR Package Plants over conventional wastewater treatment is the ability to treat higher volumes of wastewater with a small footprint and less chemicals.

Improved effluent values can be achieved with less energy and chemical consumption and the self respiring spirally wound membrane has a far longer life cycle than conventional membrane systems.

Harmful pathogens and biological phosphate is removed and treated water can be used directly for irrigation and other re-use applications. We supply packaged plants that are fully automated and can be monitored remotely to continuously improve process control and save on operating personnel.

Our easy and quick to install, pre-assembled “Plug & Play” solution greatly reduces on-site installation costs with no odor and noise emissions. The sleek, compact, and modular design can be easily expanded

without interrupting existing processes.

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