South Africa has over 700 caravan and camping resorts, some only offer basic sanitation facilities. Caravanning and camping in South Africa have been a part of its history. For some it is a holiday, for others it’s a way of life and the most affordable way of taking the entire family on a holiday for an extended period and it is the best way to see and appreciate the countries’ diverse flora and fauna.

It would be detrimental for businesses if caravan parks, and resorts did not have a properly functioning wastewater treatment solution. Releasing harmful domestic sewage into the environment will harm the biodiversity and wildlife through water pollution. Wastewater exposes plants and wildlife to hundreds of chemical compounds. Researchers are learning about the potential side effects.

Resorts and caravan parks that do not access municipal wastewater treatment services generally use on-site options to collect and treat sewage from toilets, showers, baths, laundries, and kitchen sinks. The service providers must comply with regulatory discharge limits for the treated wastewater. Our rivers and streams have become a soup of hundreds of toxins due to inefficiently treated wastewater.

MEB has a large range of efficient solutions that can be deployed without disturbing the delicate natural environment that South Africans love to enjoy. We understand that nature is important for our future and that we have to protect it by all means.

Implementing environmentally conscious treatment systems is our specialty, so speak to our engineers today to get to know tomorrow’s prime technology solutions that will change South Africa’s landscape for the better.