What do we mean by “wastewater mining”? There are many nutrients available in wastewater, that can be reclaimed to positively impact agricultural and other non-potable uses for everyday business operations. Sewage is treated at a decentralised location to accommodate a range of local water needs. Organisations need to adapt this strategy to circumvent water insecurity in Southern Africa and the world at large.

MEB has spearheaded many such projects and combines its pioneering decentralised wastewater package plants, that can also be retrofit with a centralised system, to elevate your revenue and reduce your organisations carbon footprint.

Since over 10 years MEB has used its expertise as a tool for improving water management, decreasing transportation costs, reduce OPEX and promoting reuse of water as means to speed up development, as well as empowering the communities it serves with first-class solutions that fit the most difficult situations.