There are multiple thermal and non-thermal technology solutions, from anaerobic digestion to gasification to processed engineered fuel. We believe Waste-to-Energy (W2E) can play a significant role in increasing integrated waste and resource management, through harnessing energy from residual material – as precedented in Europe, Asia, and the USA. It is also a key driver in resolving the emissions challenges, to enable Africa achieving its sustainable development goals, into a net-zero future.

Sludge-to-energy, also called waste-to-systems can resolve many of the world’s most urgent environmental and economic contemporary problems. Africa needs more energy production output to fulfill the rapidly growing demand. The continent has a growing population that needs additional power to support economic growth and urbanization. Using a waste for energy system is economical, renewable and readily available in large quantities in many African cities.

South Africa with just has one utility-scale waste-to-energy plant, that processes between 500 and 600 tons of general waste a day, is further developing its programs to adapt to the imminent changes and to achieve the collective global energy efficiency and carbon neutrality goals. Prompting other emerging economies in Africa to identify opportunities to intensifying their waste to energy initiatives, will create the right dynamic to keep the wheels of change moving.

W2E can help reduce municipal waste pollution, by converting chemical energy into thermal energy and turning solid waste into gas. Even though not technically considered traditional recycling – waste to energy embraces the same concepts and processes. The plants process collects waste from organic materials that would have conventionally gone to landfills, and reuses it as power or heating source.

Electricity issues in South Africa have led to “load shedding, that has been crippling the economy.

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