Have you’ve ever found yourself wondering what exactly a turnkey concept is?

Turnkey (the adjective) means fully equipped, or ready-to-go, as in the case of our water and power technology, that is designed to be a full-package deal. As end user you save on costs and get a system that is tried, tested, and true.

Providing wholistic contemporary services is very complex matter, that requires an accomplished service provider and engineers that understand the African project landscape. MEB’s modern solutions are created to be implemented into an existing business model without disrupting processes that have a negative economic impact on your organization. Turnkey solutions can save a company time and money when executed according to MEB’s unique and world-renowned project development approach.

We are always taking it a step further and have established ourselves as leading turnkey and super turnkey provider where greater emphasis is placed on the performance needs and real-time parameters needed to achieve utility Independence.

Not sure how to finance your endeavors or solutions to make your business more sustainable? Let us take financial ownership and accountability for the solution you need by building a long-term partnership, that is based on mutual trust and gain to develop unique long-term solutions to address specific project needs together.

We specialize in innovative design, preassembled packaged technology, installation, maintenance, and supervision services for all your water, wastewater, power, oil and gas technology requirements. Our turnkey services will improve your current system, whether you have an existing solution that needs retrofitting or a capacity upgrade, with an integrated solution that can help you increase your organizations efficiency.

We are now back at 100% office capacity and are taking on-site consultation bookings to help you get a head now!