Africa is a continent of transboundary waters that is experiencing various disputes over access to and rights over the shared water resources among riparian countries.

We have kilometers of water resources annually that Africa can tap into, however these are disseminated very unevenly along low-precipitation, arid areas and tropical regions. Around 70 per cent of this water comes from transboundary rivers, and the remainder from lakes and groundwater.

Most of the yearly resources are used for agricultural irrigation; however, demand from the industrial sectors is growing at accelerating rates with new economic drives in the respective states.

We believe that decentralized solutions inhibit the increased need for trans-boundary water solutions or agreements faced by many strong African nations. Determining how to adapt to freshwater scarcity and the variability thereof, has become an important question for all sectors involved in the treatment and bulk distribution of waters.

MEB has an unique range of different water and wastewater solutions for various decentralized applications, that can increase your organizations revenues and protect finite surface water resources by adapting a new approach.

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