The demand for power and clean drinking water is a pressing issue faced by billions of people worldwide. Hybrid solutions, like mini-grids and decentralized water treatment, have become essential in today’s volatile economic climate. To navigate and implement such complex projects, it’s crucial to work with an experienced EPC provider with a strong track record and industry expertise.

MEB prides itself with leading the pack by introducing revolutionary treatment solutions that are modular and can reduce energy usage by up to 90% compared to conventional methods.

This low energy consumption allows for decentralized treatment without relying on the power grid, by way of including an alternative and renewable energy source.

NIROBOX is the way to go for complex desalination, Brackish and freshwater treatment needs.

NIROBOX modular solutions applications:

  • Municipalities and growing communities
  • Housing developments
  • Construction sites
  • Commercial establishments
  • Resorts, hotels, and golf clubs
  • Remote oil and gas facilities
  • Power plants
  • Agriculture irrigation
  • Mining camps and operations

MABR: Married to the Future

The MABR (membrane aerated biofilm reactor) technology is domestic wastewater treatment solution that offers excellent nutrient removal and energy efficiency, ensuring optimal performance and high-quality product water. Its self-respiring, spirally wound membrane envelope delivers oxygen passively into the wastewater, creating an ideal environment for bacteria to thrive.

With carefully designed and calibrated components, whether in retrofit or packaged configuration, this solution provides the assurance needed to exceed expectations. Through our partnership with premium technology providers, we are able to offer communities a more sustainable alternative for wastewater treatment.

In regions like southern Africa and other near-developed nations, adapting to new approaches is key. That’s why we focus on sourcing the best available technologies in the market.

Energy Sectors served:

  • Oil & Gas
  • Renewable Energy

We understand the long-term benefits of our solutions and services, providing flexibility in an industry that often lacks it, that’s why we have positioned ourselves a premium Engineering Procurement and Construction firm with the best technology at our fingertips.

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