Water scarcity has been recognized by public health departments and environmental communities for decades as major health risk, whereby decreasing groundwater, river flows, lake levels, and wetlands are inhibiting community access to safe drinking water and further creating stress on aquatic life.

Over the last decade the corporate community has come to recognize that this growing problem of water supply stress can create notable business risks across many sectors. The extent of commercial sectors exposed to water-related risks includes the food and agricultural sectors, forestry, mining and the steel, shipping, water utilities, manufacturing, chemicals, pharmaceutical and energy industry.

Water supply interruptions have a huge impact on corporate value chains, and it is necessary to understand how vulnerable supply chains are to water risks. Furthermore, understanding the commercial impact and mitigation activities of water supply problems can save organizations from future loses. Water footprints are an excellent point of departure in finding the optimal way forward to secure clean water for strong businesses operating on an industrial scale. Let’s not forget that water footprint numbers solely do not help with quantifying the risks, however increasing utility independence by way of owning your own water systems will be groundbreaking in reducing company overheads.

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