With an immense increase of big data applications, the volume of available data continues to soar and can be generated in real-time, these applications go far beyond customer billing. Recognizing this potential, independent electricity, heating, and water services providers are joining forces to establish a shared data norms and platform for a rapidly growing IoT and Ai sector. We can be sustainable together with MEB Smarts.

MEB Energy has positioned itself as your leading technology partner with a large, diversified technology and solutions offering These partnerships and collaborations will enable technology providers and stakeholders to harness big data to optimize operations and maintenance of critical infrastructure.

With the implementation of data management, the networks for electricity, heating, and water can be operated with minimal losses, leading to improved infrastructure maintenance. A noteworthy aspect of this solution is its ability to present data for all types of consumption on a single platform, despite the different utility providers supplying water, heating, and electricity. This service enhances customer awareness about their consumption patterns and provides valuable insights on how to enhance efficiency and conservation hence we are sustainable together: MEB Smarts.

Reducing Overflow Waste with Smart Sensors

We can help municipalities and businesses mitigate overflowing waste containers, optimize the placement of bins, and improve collection routes. With our intelligent technology offering we strive to improve environmental cleanliness and to empower communities and organizations to deploy resources more strategically, which in turn will reduce overflowing waste, illegal dumping as well as street cleaning requests.

Combining multiple data sources in automatic leakage management

We love transforming water distribution networks into state-of-the-art technology powerhouses. Noise loggers can listen for the sound of leaks, smart water meters measure end user consumption, intelligent valves and pumps enable active pressure management, which in turn reduces the risk of infrastructure damage and collapse. The data is combined in real-time hydraulic modelling and processed in online management information systems to facilitate automatic leakage management and online monitoring of KPIs. This enables repair teams to focus on the weakest segments with the in order to reduce non-Revenue water loss.

The higher volume of meter data has brought transparency to the distribution network, unlocking new possibilities for troubleshooting and enhancements. Organizations can experience substantial benefits and cost savings, particularly in the improved operations of their metering systems. This reduces the administrative burden of collecting and managing data, and expenses related to correcting missing or inaccurate readings.

Turning Waste into Green Energy

MEB Energy is a technological frontrunner in the field of treating wastewater, increasing efficiency, and producing energy. We specialize in building renewable energy, whether it be from Solar, Biomass or Wind, which is then transformed into heat or power. Digesters and buildings can be heated by waste heat from primary activities like heat from mechanical operations, which surplus thermal production can be sold to further beneficiate from the reuse of power supplies.

In response to the demand for smart and connected cities, MEB embarked on a mission to establish an inventive playground that fosters transparency in emerging complex markets. This drive involves a fusion of research, education, and innovation through public-private partnerships.

Future-focused business management practices serve as a meeting ground for intelligent water treatment and other smart city solutions, catering to all stakeholders along the supply chain, including municipalities, suppliers, advisors/architects, and utility companies. We are always expanding our presence within the field of smart city solutions. This was the first step in our efforts to optimize our technology portfolio, which can support a carbon-neutral and energy-efficient future.

Like this, our clients witness cutting-edge solutions in a real-world context, offering decision-makers valuable insights and knowledge to make informed investments in new smart city technologies.