South Africa‘s planned reforms are geared to “increase investment in the maintenance and construction of water infrastructure and improve water quality”.

To reach this goal, government has identified areas of the water sector regulation in South Africa, that need to be strengthened and the new National Water Resource Infrastructure Agency (NWRIA), will develop and maintain national water infrastructure.

Specific backdrops to these reforms for the regulated sector include improving the water-use licensing process, implementing a revised raw water pricing strategy, and strengthening regulation of water pricing and service standards. Additionally, the urgent need to deal with institutional and legal inefficiencies in the municipal water and sanitation services sector will be brought to the fore.

All of these planned reforms will have a major impact on the way we do business, and most organizations are not prepared for the eminent changes to impact the regulations of the water sector in South Africa. This initiative forms part of the South African government’s a broader-based initiative focused on fast-tracking the modernization and transformation of industries such as transport, digital communications, electricity and water.

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