Southern African nations will be the future of renewables implementation by accelerating the use of greener power generation. Rapid urbanisation, power cuts and decreased economic growth exacerbate the negative effects on poor communities.

The National Energy Regulator of South Africa (Nersa) recently approved a 9.61% tariff hike for Eskom. Much less than the requested 20.5% by the utility. Additionally, the national threshold for embedded generation was increased from 1 MW to 100 MW, with no need for a license, this development will help rapidly grow the market.

The falling cost of solar energy systems encourages the acceptance of renewable energy sources as solution for immediate intervention measures, and as a means to leapfrog directly into a low-carbon and sustainable future.

Booming utility-scale projects

South Africa has the perfect conditions to be a global player in achieving energy efficiency and low carbon footprint goals.

Off-grid systems to increase access

Southern Africa houses some of the fastest-growing economies. Effective off-grid generation resolves the constraints of unstable and insufficient grid capacity.

Rooftop installations

Due to the increase in loadshedding and the decline in cost to acquire solar systems with more efficient technology, creates opportunities for rapid growth in rooftop solar installations.

International investment

Southern Africa is well on its way to harvest its vast renewable resources and make it an attractive destination for foreign direct investment.

Easy to assist with running water and wastewater treatment solutions

The price to obtain solar equipment has made it more viable to adopt modular energy systems, which can be upscaled according to need.

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