South Africa is home to Africa’s largest economy after Nigeria but is also the world’s 12th largest per capita emitter of greenhouse gases. Energy consumption and costs will continue to increase steadily, while energy represents the largest controllable cost in water and wastewater services, it is also the largest energy consumer.

Solar energy in wastewater treatment, is used as a high-quality and reliable source for sustainable electricity. This inexhaustible power source remains the simplest technology and outdoes other technologies as cost-effective way to power desalination systems.

With MEB’s world-class solutions you can now maximise on energy efficient designs that help you systematically control energy costs and set measurable performance indicators for progress monitoring. This allows utilities to systematically assess and manage energy opportunities and grow the potential to become net energy generators.

It’s possible to use your own capital to take advantage of the vast cost-effective energy efficiency opportunities through various industry-proven funding, investment, and collaboration mechanisms, such as Public-Private Partnerships and Power Purchase Agreements. The current water sector milieu provides the ideal breeding ground for capital improvement and incentives derived from the reduction in greenhouse gas emissions.

Let’s explore the available opportunities to ensure growth that is greener and less carbon dependent.