The Small-Scale Embedded Generators (SSEG) is South Africa’s government initiative that is designed to unlock the potential of renewable energy in the South Africa. The programme offers financial incentives to businesses and individuals who install small-scale renewable energy generation systems.

SSEG presents opportunities for small, medium and micro scale enterprises (SMMEs) to take part in the renewable energy industry. Small Scale Embedded Generation (SSEG) will play an integral part in the future of electricity generation in South Africa.

The programme will support South Africa’s broader commitment to decarbonising the economy and reducing reliance on fossil fuels. SSEG is a cornerstone in meeting South Africa’s targets for a just energy transition and sustainable energy generation.

Energy security concerns, rising electricity prices, the emergence of low-cost renewable energy technologies and the growth of urban populations have resulted in a plethora of challenges for utilities, including independent water service providers. Considering these polarising dynamics, service providers are challenged to re-evaluate their role in the electricity value chain and adapt to sustaining business operating models.

Partnering with MEB Energy

Working with us as trusted technology partner allows for a focus on the safe integration of your Small-Scale Embedded energy system into existing infrastructure as well as the development of sustainable business models for your project.

SSEG is intended to help industry and individuals who wish to install or upgrade small-scale renewable energy systems, by offering financial incentives to those who are able to invest in qualifying energy projects. These incentives are typically given in the form of Structured Feed-in Tariffs or Tax Rebates.

MEB has the resources which form a vital part of the technical support value chain to our customers in developing SSEG processes to safely accommodate new generation capacity into ESKOM’s grid.

If you are considering investing in renewable energy, now is a great time to do so! Don’t miss out on this great investment opportunity, as now is an perfect time to consider investing while the South African government is offering a number of financial incentives to help businesses and individuals unlock the potential of sustainable renewable energy sources.

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