South Africa is ranked 19th in the world for its contribution to published research related to water and wastewater (Pouris, 2013). However, translating this world-class research into innovations that address the current and future socioeconomic challenges remains a challenge (Rose & Winter, 2015).

Traditionally, managing water resources was modelled on supply rather than demand management and no holistic approach in overseeing natural resources. This fertilised a heightened focus on developing ‘hard infrastructure’, by way of constructing large dams, reservoirs, tunnels, pipelines, irrigation canals and other bulk supply solutions. However, with escalating water demands soon to surpass supply, the region is now faced with an urgent need for a comprehensive water management approach, that places equal emphasis on economic, cultural, ecological goals, as well as new infrastructure development, maintenance and operations.

Building new infrastructure is our core business, coupled with our value-added benefits that reduce operational costs and maintenance budgets, we know that we have the recipe to success. We face the most complex water challenges head-on, knowing that we only supply the best solutions and have the operational capacity provide a world-class service.