According to a world report by the Mental Health Million Project South Africa is among the countries ranked as having the lowest rate of mental wellbeing in the world.

Insurance companies have shown a drastic and somewhat warranted move to remove cover for losses caused by blackouts in South Africa. With some sources claiming 3000 megawatts less capacity than last winter, the problems arising from rolling blackouts have created a storm of uncertainty for consumers who have to rely on insurance to back up their assets.

During March, another major insurance service provider added grid collapse exclusions to its policies, thus removing cover for any loss, damage or liability caused by a blackout. Other insurance service providers have already moved to exclude cover for grid collapse.

A recent research study by the South African Depression and Anxiety Group (SADAG) revealed that ongoing rolling blackouts in have strained people’s mental wellbeing. According to the study anxiety, panic, depression, and isolation are problems people struggle with the most during power cuts. 

Introduction to MEB services

MEB is a service provider that can help you overcome rolling blackouts with mini grids designed to ensure all your energy needs are catered for. To optimize system performance, lifetime and cost, project developers need to determine the best energy storage technology for their micro-grid. We only work with are often more efficient and last longer. The cost of these new technologies continues to decrease.



Keeping water running is an essential part of supplying services and protecting the health of communities. All components, structures, controls and electronics are pre-installed and packed in a standard ISO container for safe and easy transportation, installation and operation. storage: BOX™ range of solutions can be coupled with independent power and storage; and includes all equipment needed for a stellar turnkey installation.


MEB is a supplier of Waste-to-Energy and Solar systems that were designed by engineers with decades of experience. Mini-grids and independently generating electricity for local consumption is an ideal way of overcoming rolling blackouts. The domestic nature of mini grids allows developers and service providers to better track and understand a community’s energy needs so electricity supply can match demand. Mini grids also avoid the problem of power cuts from the main grid.

Without access to reliable water and energy, communities often rely on polluting, unreliable and pricey diesel-powered generators. Renewable energy powered mini grids could be the answer to rural and urban access and help accelerate decarbonization. Well-suited to small, remote communities, renewable energy mini grids can now be the cheaper, greener option for rural electrification.

We supply pre-engineered solutions that are customized to serve you and all your energy needs. Speak to one of our experts today.