Water security and the effects of climate change can no longer be separated. The economic growth, urbanisation and demographic patterns of the water sector are drastically changing with every new development and innovation entering the market. Accessible and high-quality drinking water is a limited and highly contested resource in Africa’s emerging economies, and future industrialisation trends will affect the availability and quality of water resources.

Demographic trends are pushing water demand up with the African urban population projected to almost double by 2050 and 41% of the sub-Saharan African population currently living in cities, the UN projects an increase of 60% by 2050.

Digital transformation improves poor water quality

Digital transformation incorporates technological change for the implementation of disruptive new technologies that enhance optimisation, maintenance and water quality monitoring.

Energy crisis accelerates the shift to more efficient water Technologies

Africa has a number of serious water challenges and unlike energy, water is a finite resource. The energy crisis has created a bottleneck in supplying the economy with energy resources and inevitably leads to rising water costs.

Climate change and CO2 emissions

Climate change, which has been evident in global and regional weather patterns since the mid-to-late 20th century.

Sustainable water infrastructure development

Short- and Long-term risks include the lack or shortage of sufficient water to meet increasing demand, substandard water quality, floods, and inadequate access to safely managed water supply and sanitation.

Fourth Industrial Revolution and globalisation calls for Smart Water Solutions

Globalisation is a process in which international markets, societies and cultures grow together in a global network of commerce, communications, transport and service delivery.

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