Africa contributes only 4 percent of global greenhouse gas emissions annually yet is still among the regions most susceptible to climate change. Communities constantly work on damage control strategies, while municipalities struggle with operations. There are many barriers to entry, but technology isn’t one when it comes to the problem with water quality in South Africa.

Water purification systems remove all types of contaminants and hazardous substances from the water, which makes water clean and safe to consume.

Youths have proven over and again their commitment and proactiveness in the fight for climate awareness. Green technologies contribute to sustainable growth which in turn accelerates a just transition, because of the enormous potential to create new business opportunities, markets and employment for the youth. Including future generations in a circular economy is pivotal in securing that these technologies prevail beyond implementation.

Modern Water innovations can boost water and energy efficiency and contribute to achieving the Sustainable Development Goals and building a green economy for African regions. Innovative water technologies can increase the amount of water available for drinking, agriculture, and manufacturing and can allow businesses to increase revenue. This can be done by technologies in areas such as water, leak detection, wastewater treatment and reuse, IoT and more.

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