The buzz word “green” cities can be seen all over the world. While there is no standard accepted term defining what makes a city green – most ranking systems include environmental impact per person, renewable energy generation, range of people using public transport, green spaces, and recycling programs.

While Africa has the chance to implement technologies and solutions into their energy and water mix that have a major impact on the overall sustainability of the cities they serve; the question still remains, as to how this can be achieved while battling water and energy poverty.

MEB has advanced digital tools that make biological-based solutions easier to implement, which is a game-changer for Municipalities facing more compliance requirements, that allow their communities to live in cleaner and greener African cities.

Smart water monitoring systems use cost-effective sensors to measure the dynamic behavior of the entire system allowing for new opportunities for operation and maintenance. Measuring devices can be installed in key areas of the city, like sewers and infiltration trenches while using low-energy wireless data transfer technologies for data transmission and maintenance.

These are some of the best practices for forward-thinking urban developments, and with MEB you have a partner that can help you find a simple solution for a vortex of problems. Chat to us today!